Choices, not circumstances, determine your outcomes

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I lost over $20,000 a month in September and October of 2001 with a small Italian Restaurant I bought in February of that year! Once 9/11 happened very few people were eating out. I could have closed the business for those 2 months and lost less money.


Within 3 years, I did shut the doors and walked away owing more money than I thought was possible! Most people told me it was circumstances that caused me to fail and lose everything and, at first, I believed them. It felt better to believe them!


The circumstances that I faced only revealed the poor choices I was making!


Your Choices determine whether you succeed or fail NOT your circumstances!


I would love to blame someone or something for failing at business and being 2 weeks away from living out of our 12-year-old Ford Explorer. This was the only thing the bank and creditors did not take because it was the only thing we owned!


My business failed because I made so many poor choices and the circumstances I faced revealed them!

I chose not to have internal systems.

I chose not to watch the details.

I chose to let the employee’s set the standard of Customer Service.

I chose to hire people who did not know the Restaurant business.

I chose not to listen to my mentors.

I chose to over extend myself.


These are only a handful of the poor choices I made. Any one of these would have been enough to sink a business!


The circumstances you face might not be fair and they might not be your fault, but they are yours to either learn from or fail from. It’s Your Choice!


The choices you make today will be graded by the circumstances you face tomorrow! There are only two grades: Pass or Fail.


You have a choice to succeed or fail. Stop blaming life for your poor choices.


You cannot fail without your permission.  NO ONE can force you to fail!


Choose Wisely!



                                         Find Your Passion and You Will Find Your Life!

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