Acts of Terrorism

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We know ISIS fighters from their cowardly and horrific acts of terrorism. But there is another side to the ISIS menace, hidden in the most familiar of places: American cities and suburbs, where recruits live among unsuspecting relatives and neighbors.

I cannot imagine ever getting to the point where I felt the desire to join a group like ISIS that preaches death, despair, and destruction!  What is happening inside an individual who would consider such a life?

What if I told you that right now each of us is creating an environment on the inside of us to produce Acts of Terrorism! What if I told you that these Terrorist thoughts are operating unsuspectingly among us!

All we need to do to create this type of Jihad against our success is…FEAR.

Fear poisons and contaminates our thoughts. It attacks every healthy thought with the same zealousness a suicide bomber would attack an innocent gathering of people!

We all have these fearful thoughts of why we cannot do what our Passion is directing us to do. When these thoughts are entertained and fed with the environment we put ourselves in; we soon commit a Acts of Terrorism to our success!

We eventually will succumb to our own fear based propaganda and will torture, blow up, behead and radicalize our own dreams!

Our dreams and goals are failing only because we have unsuspectingly become a Jihadist against them!

We are sabotaging ourselves because we keep putting ourselves in places and positions to be TURNED!

ISIS number one way to recruit is to put their propaganda on social media. They do this with great success, and it’s the same thing that is happening to us! We are consumed with the fear based propaganda on social media and news outlets.

If you want to stop creating Terror Cells in your mind, then YOU must stop watching, reading and listening to it.

It’s that simple! Turn off the news; unfollow all fear based propaganda from your friends and news feeds on social media, and STOP surrounding yourself with people hell bent on blowing up their dreams!


                                            Find Your Passion and You Will Find Your Life!

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