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Blind Spot


Two days after buying a new car, I backed it up into an old rusty pole that was hidden in one of the blind spots. The pole was high enough to leave a one-foot gash on my driver’s side rear panel.  This was my Wife’s new car and her baby. She was sitting in the passenger’s seat when this happened!

That was paycheck years ago, but she still reminds me to check my blind spots when I am backing up our car.

Most blind spots are hidden in plain sight. The pole that I […]

The Good Steward


A national Radio Company bought a group of locally owned radio stations I worked for and they told me to sign a contract if I wanted to keep my job. That contract was written specifically for me to make sure I would be a Good Steward and that I would not be an activist on their time.

At the time of the sale, I had a reputation of being very vocal about my beliefs. I would look for any opportunity to talk about what I believed no matter who it was with or where I was at.

My […]

Persistence will fail you


Last week I watched the movie, “The Founder” about the life of Ray Kroc and the McDonald brothers. It’s interesting to see how having something that is so essential to success, Persistence, can also lead you to places you never wanted to go.

There are billions of stars in the sky, but only one is fixed…The North Star. It will always lead you North. The North Star is the Only star that will not lead you astray!

Persistence is critical to your success but, left to its own devices, it will lead you astray! Ray Kroc […]

Effort Must Exceed Expectations


Who do you spend most of your time with and feed the most…Your Expectations or Your Effort? Most of us over feed our Expectations and starve our Effort!

We spend so much time thinking and talking about what we expect out of life.

I Expect to be wealthy.

I Expect to be happy.

I Expect to get promoted.

I Expect to retire young.

I Expect to live a long life.

This list of our expectations could fill a library! The problem is we are focusing on, spending time with and feeding the wrong “E”!

Effort is the […]

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